Mary Jane (MJ)

Name: Mary Jane D. Pajaron

Birthdate: June 1, 1986

Birthplace: Caloocan, Philippines

Hobbies: Drawing, digital painting, games(mmorpg, rpg, fps)

Tools: Wacom tablet, Adobe Photoshop

Known Softwares: 3ds Max, XSI, Zbrush

Greetings! This is my online portfolio/sketchbook, created to showcase my artworks from 2d to 3d.. and hopefully get some honest feedback and critics ..

I’m currently working as 2d/concept artist (3d/texture artist.. sometimes ^^) for Philippine outsourcing game company in Makati. I’ve been working as a digital artist for almost 3years in three different companies. My fascination in games and cartoons (anime) got me into this career.. I started working as 2d artist for korean company in commonwealth 1month after I graduated at STI College Caloocan, and as a concept artist for another korean company in alabang, and I honestly believe, during those times I don’t know a lot about conceptualizing characters or environments for a game, all I know is I want to create a game!, or work in a game company.. definitely my longing dream! I don’t have to elaborate what happened next.. fortunately.. as of now I’m still here in this industry:D

I’d like to spare this space to thank everyone who has helped me get this far . . .

Ian Aguas

Mark Tayag

Marvin Aure

Wilfred Dajotoy

Joey Cordero

Jerix Ricaforte

Bryan Joseph Valeza

Marcial Jr Niebres


Anthony Dizon

George Villaflor

John Brian Casacop

Jeffreak Estrabinio

Lhadz Ladera

Allen Geneta

Stephen SP

Hannah Hcadaoas

Family, friends, schoolmates, professor.. at marami pang iba^_^

at siyempre lalong-lalo na kay GOD… God Bless Us..

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